A man emerged in heaven
as he stood he noticed
an angel standing beside him
he asked , ' Where am I ? '

the angel responded
' you are home in the heaven of God
for you believed in His Christ . '
and he saw faces he recognized
walking toward him

some where of his own family
on earth , others where
followers of Christ he had
always wanted to meet

their faces shone with
the continence of Love
as they embraced him
they spoke to him of the presence
of Christ and Father God

they brought him new clothing
and gifts beyond words
in speechless awe
he began to look around

he noticed a man
of a different language
being received by people
and clothed by God
in much the same way as he

Then came a mighty roar
with loud cheering and applause
he turned his head to see
a great multitude jumping
and dancing with exuberant joy

as he watched
angels flying above and around
the awesome gathering

he turned to the angel
still by his side
finding his voice
' What is that , is that Jesus ? '

' No . ' spoke the angel
' That is one who shared the Gospel
of the Great King , the Message
of the Eternal Father to
those on the earth
and to those who received The Word
the Blood of the Lamb is applied

the man finding his voice again
' What is happening ? '

the angel while still gazing
toward the multitude
' Those are the loved ones who's prayers
where answered through that man
and the ones leaping and dancing
are the ones who were saved
by the Word of God that he spoke .
the angels are those who God sent
to comfort him and
do battle for him on earth

as the angel finished
with a whisper
the joyful multitude be came quiet

the man whispered
to the angel
as he found his voice once more
' What is happening now ? '

'The one who spoke The Word Of God
is praying for those he could not reach .
And a strong wind blew through Heaven
' The breeze you feel is The Father
receiving his prayers . '

the angel eventually took his eyes
from gazing on the multitude
He looked upon the man beside
and even though there are no tears
in Heaven

the awe in the man's eyes
asked the next question ,

' What have I done ? '

The Angel responded
' There are those who have laid up
great treasure in Heaven -
Yet His true labors are few ... '