Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baseball: A limited field of play

I am not one who particularly identifies with baseball.
So I slightly disagree with the opinion that there is only one offensive player
on the field of play. There seems to be two offensive players; the batter
( obviously )
and the pitcher. Both trying to out score the other.
The pitcher by outs and the batter by runs.
Three outs and the pitcher wins,
a base hit or better, a home run, the batter wins.
And of course, there are the rest of the players on the field of play.
They would be totally defensive in nature.

Why would I be concerned about baseball,
you may ask.

Consider yourself at bat.
The Devil, Satan himself is hurling pitches at you.
He seeks to strike you out.
Take you out of the field of play.
Then it occurs to you, all those defensive players,
those demons and darkness have a limited space to work within.
They know there is a limited time and space for them.
That is why they would say to Jesus,
"Why are you here to torment us before our time ..."

And you realize,
You have it in you to knock the ball 'out of the park',
"For greater is He who is in me,
then he who is in the world."
You can go beyond the devil and his kind,
You can go beyond their limits.
You can speak in the Eternals,
by The Son of The Living God,
by the Blood of the Lamb.

And you have caught them in their limitations.
For they know, they have but a short time.
And by His Name , Jesus , Holy Jesus.
They MUST bow.
And the ball soars out of the park...

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  1. Really really good point you hit it out of the park Ms Robin :)