Friday, August 2, 2013

They Never Chose...

They were given a path
They never chose
The birth orphans face
No place of heritage or heredity

They never chose
To be set aside as a teenager
an unskilled athlete
no foreseeable leadership qualities

When others could go home
there was not one to approach
their eyes in desperation
listen to emptiness

the college kid
who for two weeks
thought to experience homelessness
will never know the brokenness

For it is the path
they never chose
the hungry child of darkened streets
the mother who's bruises weep

It is the path
They never chose
a concrete floor
or prison cell

It is the path
They never chose
Persecution in a foreign land
or this

It is a path
They never chose
for their heart
is not yours...

   ~  :  ~

His was a path
No one else could walk
His was the journey
of The Cross

His was to be broken
for the hearts of man
His Words were spoken
Healing by His wounded hand

His was a path
He never chose
But the will of His Father
Steps so close

Bruised and blood strewn
He opens the Way
For each failing heart
follow and pray

But this Crux of Life
Impossible to lose
It is the path
They never could choose

It is the path
to which few consent
He Loves them greatly
These who repent

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