Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Through Human Eyes

May I tell you a story ?
Years ago , living in a city neighborhood that was more like a small town ,
My wife worked for a local store .
Everyone knew each other or at least if you where local or not .
You knew the Catholics , the Methodists , the restaurant staffs , the doctors ,
the non-denominational , whatever ... You just kind of knew people and talked with them .
Well , Father Ben , from the Catholic Church was a very respected and godly man
in the community . He loved people . He would pray for you or with you .
You knew he cared .
One day , after saying hello to Father Ben on the way into the store , My wife stopped me .
She leaned over and said , " He's a sweet man , but I think he has a drinking problem ."
" What ? " as I was a bit confused .
" Yes , It's always late but he's always in here for a certain bottle of wine ."
And I probably said something stupid like , " Well , you know how Catholics are ."
A week or so went by . Then one evening , My wife came through the door .
" I feel so stupid , I am just the idiot ."
"What , what are you talking about ? " , I mean when your wife is calling herself stupid ,
you just have to know .
Father Ben came by the store tonight . He stopped and talked for a while .
He asked how we were doing and if he could pray for anything . Then he told me why he was there .
Why he comes in for wine at night . Robin , he gives 'Last Rites' for the dioceses .
All those bottles of wine were for dieing people and that sweet man stays with them as long as he can .

I tell this true narrative to say this , Yes , for many people Alcohol is very dangerous .
I am a transformed by God addict myself .
I know you can hit the concordances yourself so :
We are kings and priests before Christ . Old Testament or New ,
kings and priests are not advised to drink .
And yes , wine is a mocker , Strong drink a raging .

I hope I am connecting the dots here .
But the real point is ,
" Love ye one another , as I have loved you , so love ye one another . "
Jesus Christ
And love covers a multitude of sin ,
love will heal the addict , the alcoholic and many others .
One of the things I have seen in evangelism is ,
if you focus on the sin to long , you get side tracked .
Focus on the One who saves the sinner and
watch God move .

Sincerely in Christ , Robin
" Therefore every scribe ( writer )who has become a Disciple of the Kingdom of Heaven is like a head of a household, who brings forth out of his treasure things new and old ", Jesus Christ Matthew 13:52

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