Wednesday, February 2, 2011

' I Learn'd tha lyrics a' blues on tha streets ya see '

But ya gots ta know
how this writ'n' thang goes,
it be's 'bout storytellin'
from beginnin' ta en'.

A man onced tells me
I's gots ta be's rich
ta be's a poet,
but I's gots that itch.

so I's scribble down
ev'ry tittle I find,
'cause another man tolds me
it's like a photo defined.

so here I goes
tryin ta tell ya this,
I likes writin' them words
That others did miss.

I writes 'cause ya see's,
it be's that thang ta do.
you knows I means well ,
bein' I ain't a hundred an' two.

I's jus' gets bored sometimes ,
an' start jottin' stuff down.
Then it all comes back to me,
I's 'spose ta be a clown.

Nah na , that can't be right,
I's been sittin' here all night.
I's got this pencil 'n papers ya see,
"Without Jesus, ain't much be's in me .

so if's ya gets
all ser'ous an' stuff,
jus' gets real
an' leaves tha fluff.

Sometimes a work in character voice produces
lines from the heart , Robin .
art : painting of Charlie Christian
( Who was an electric guitar genius over 20 years
   before Jimi Hendrix)

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