Thursday, October 28, 2010

They once walked with God

What is the first name you think of when you hear this statement
 ' They really heard from God but they walked away from their calling . '


Write the name down on this page .


A Sunday school teacher and deacon was teaching one Sunday morning. As he spoke he began to talk about a church homecoming, how his mother had notes in the margin of her bible with the initials of a particular pastor beside the quotations. Then he made these comments, ' I really don't understand how this happens but he (the pastor) walked away from the pulpit and drinks now. So when it became his turn to speak (among the previous pastors) we did not care about what he was saying. As these words were spoken this teacher seemed to have little concern for this fallen man of God. This truly breaks the heart of God.

There have been those that were not only called of God, but chosen by His own Hand that have walked away or fallen. They fell by church politics, by the selfish nature of so-called leaders who need prayer and God's mercy, by attacks of darkness, BY FINDING THEIR SELF STANDING ALONE IN THIS BATTLEFIELD THEIR BANNER OF LOVE BROKEN, and yes, of a broken heart. This not only destroys the servant of the Lord, but his or her marriage, family and children. As servants of a LOVING King we can not, we MUST not leave them wounded, alone on the battlefield.

There was a man, a servant of Christ, who was broken, many thought broken beyond redemption. That man, an evangelist had utterly given-up, not only in God, but on life itself. But a man in a wheelchair who had learned of this victim PRAYED. The man in the wheelchair would call his brother, ' I miss you, you can come by if you want,' and 'You know there is always an open invitation here.' The man in the wheelchair DID NOT GIVE-UP.
He touched the hem of the Savior's garment. the months past by, he did not give-up. Then one Sunday night as the man in the wheelchair sat in church waiting for service to begin a man walked up, knelt beside the wheelchair, ' Thank you Rick for not giving up on me, I thought no one cared.'

So in the quiet pray for the fallen, reach out gently. take the hurt on your own heart, ask their forgiveness. For if judgment first begin at the House of God, so must His Love.

So in the quiet, gather your leadership and teach them to reach for the hem of His garment and pray for the fallen. In the quiet this next year do not give up. Speak softly that Christ has not given up. Add name by name from the list of the fallen to those who know they are loved. And from those who know they are loved to those who stand before Him day and night in His Holy Presence.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What is ' Good ' Theology ?

  In the eighties there was a group of Wiccans who met at a Pizza Hut . They met two or three times a week to eat and play a game called Dungeons and Dragons ( or D 'n D as they preferred ) . Wiccans are a type of self-proclaimed 'good' witch based on the pagan religion of Wicca . Their usual waitress was a christian woman , who though time developed a mild association with a few members of this group . Over the months she grew to joking with them about how serious they were with this game . They , in turn , told her she had a role in the game . This evolved into further discussion on religion and God .
  Eventually , one of these young men joined the Navy . It was the beginning of ' Desert Storm ' and he was going to Kuwait . When he arrived ' in theatre' his first assignment was a chaplin's assistant . He later became a Navy coreman aiding in medical assistance .
  A year or so later , upon returning home on leave , he stopped by that Pizza Hut . He waited on the waitress . When she arrived for work , he approached her with an offer .
  " If you cook me a home-cooked meal at your house , I'll take you and your family out to a Chinese restaurant .
  To which she replied ,
  " Deal . "
  At dinner this young man began to tell how he was now a christian . That what he used to refer to as ' witchcraft ' , he now called ' witchcrap ' . But the thing that stood out , was his comment ,
  " You know , it wasn't your successes that helped point me to Christ ,
   It was how you handled your failures and mistakes , that I remember . "
  He had been listening , watching . Somewhere in everyday life , in the daily grind of feeding people or maybe even in a husband and wife arguement the man had witnessed the ' Verb of God ' . He had seen the active ingredient of faith expressed .
  Even in what some would term it's passive form , a life consistently active in God will recognize that Christ , the Word of God , does not return void .
  Did the waitress or her husband know the difference their following Christ would make , months later in the young man's life ?
  the answer would simply be no .
  Did she challenge him with facts and history ?
  And again , no .
Yet something was and is active in this true story . It was not the greatness of anyone in the narrative . There were no factual proofs . There are many aspects to the active presence of God and more than one finite being can measure .But look outside the commentary and the science .
                                        Is it the Holy Father
                                         drawing us near ?
                                       Is it Christ Jesus
                                         cleansing and living
                                                             in us ?
                                      Is it the Holy Spirit
                                     teaching and comforting us ?
  And again it is by opening our eyes , allowing God to be active in each of us ,
that we begin to understand the activity .

       Is Christ active in your life ?

( an excerpt from the book  ' the Verb of God ' by Robin Quinn )

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Night Squall Horizon

' Night Squall Horizon '

He sang
the sword of vengeance

Main sail
battle charred and whipping

Night nor
shadow cloud reverse him

Grim hope
keel be sounding

Save souls
gritted teeth did wince

Tankard swill
devil's dark loathing

Deep breath
far Lighthouse glance

Calm hand
hard waves pounding

And his
a lifeboat's chance

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Treasured Friend




I found an old friend
the other night
it was late
but he found time
to speak with me

He reminded me
of late night excursions
into truth and reality
we would talk
far beyond man's philosophy

There were even times
he would wake me
with a question
a quote
or maybe a song

We are getting together
quite often now
maybe for lunch today
my old friend , the Word of God
my bible and i

'A Treasured Friend '

Sunday, October 24, 2010

In Heaven


' In Heaven '

A man emerged in heaven
as he stood he noticed
an angel standing beside him
he asked , ' Where am I ? '

the angel responded
' you are home in the heaven of God
for you believed in His Christ . '
and he saw faces he recognized
walking toward him

some where of his own family
on earth , others where
followers of Christ he had
always wanted to meet

their faces shone with
the continence of Love
as they embraced him
they spoke to him of the presence
of Christ and Father God

they brought him new clothing
and gifts beyond words
in speechless awe
he began to look around

he noticed a man
of a different language
being received by people
and clothed by God
in much the same way as he

Then came a mighty roar
with loud cheering and applause
he turned his head to see
a great multitude jumping
and dancing with exuberant joy

as he watched
angels flying above and around
the awesome gathering

he turned to the angel
still by his side
finding his voice
' What is that , is that Jesus ? '

' No . ' spoke the angel
' That is one who shared the Gospel
of the Great King , the Message
of the Eternal Father to
those on the earth
and to those who received The Word
the Blood of the Lamb is applied

the man finding his voice again
' What is happening ? '

the angel while still gazing
toward the multitude
' Those are the loved ones who's prayers
where answered through that man
and the ones leaping and dancing
are the ones who were saved
by the Word of God that he spoke .
the angels are those who God sent
to comfort him and
do battle for him on earth

as the angel finished
with a whisper
the joyful multitude be came quiet

the man whispered
to the angel
as he found his voice once more
' What is happening now ? '

'The one who spoke The Word Of God
is praying for those he could not reach .
And a strong wind blew through Heaven
' The breeze you feel is The Father
receiving his prayers . '

the angel eventually took his eyes
from gazing on the multitude
He looked upon the man beside
and even though there are no tears
in Heaven

the awe in the man's eyes
asked the next question ,

' What have I done ? '

The Angel responded
' There are those who have laid up
great treasure in Heaven -
Yet His true labors are few ... '