Saturday, June 20, 2015

"What of that night..."

I awoke on the stone steps at the end of my village street again,
in the chill of the night. I was some what warm where my clothing
covered my skin, but my arms and legs felt the damp cold of the stone
where I lay. In the distance I could here the faint sounds of men laughing
and wondered what had happened in the night, for usually when I woke
from my drunkenness there was not a sound to be heard.
This night seemed different like the air was thick in my throat.

I tried to move but my limbs were still drunk and sluggish,
so I thought to just lay there and fall asleep again.
Then there was that sound, a man praying, but different,
like a hurt man gasping in the distance but The sound was in
my ear for me to feel this man blessing me exactly where I lay.
There was no man next to me, no man near to me at all.
How am I hearing these words, "Father forgive them they know not...".

And I awake again, was that a dream I was hearing?
I do not know what hour of the night, not even what watch it is,
But my body had begun to ache on the cold stone so I gathered myself
and walked to the corner of the street to hear that voice again.
What was he saying, "Bless them Father, for they are blind children
leading the blind and the searching..."
But again there was no man near me, what are these words
And what man spoke as this in the dead of the night

As I took a step or two I could see a glow from a fire in the mist of the night.
and soldiers gathered in a group before they could see me.
I leaned back against the wall wanting no trouble with that Roman guard.
If they had beaten you in your drunkenness before you knew to stay out of sight.
And they were beating someone harshly and severe, strange for this watch of the night.
And that voice again, I can feel His Voice in my chest as well as hear Him,
Who is this person that has the guard up in the late watch of the night
And why is he so concerned for their forgiveness...

                 ~  :  ~