Thursday, June 27, 2013

River Crossing...

Everyone wants to be there
When 'Revolution' has begun

has no heart the metal
to cross the Rubicon...

All want to shout 'Victory'
and sing a 'Glory' song
But few are the Champions
as the battle rages on...

There's none who leave a war zone
without scar in mind and flesh
they say there are no heroes
Yet they rise and do not rest...

So stand aside 'ye saber-rattlers'
and you who speak in jest
this ain't a game of toys
God's armor on humble breast...

The standards have been unfurled
Stallions mounted high
The Lord of Host, His armies
Love that shall not die...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I want to marry June Cleaver

I want to marry June Cleaver
or a reasonable facsimile
pearls, white teeth and pearls
gleaming at daybreak
                     always dust free

I want to marry June Cleaver
or a reasonable facsimile
milk and cereal with no wrinkles please
and a lifetime warranty
                        that never needs sharpening

Oh, could I please marry June Cleaver
perfect toast and coffee not burnt
no clutter, beds always made
and the broken dish heals itself
                          in thirty minutes or less

( Disclaimer : Yes my wife knows about this, it was written for her on a day when she definitely wasn't June Cleaver )

Monday, June 3, 2013

Never to Return...

Breath of the Past
warms man's neck
grasp of a Dark Friend
points to distant shore's wreck

Eye's light soft dimming
this spectre's frame
his charges still clinging
mention your name

without turning give glare
hand, finger and bone
off worn shoulder
be not cast forlorn

Who is this messenger
in the night
a parchment remnant  
of Holy Rite

Who is this entity
within my soul
who foresees destiny's
unseen scroll

But God Himself
my rigors abate
to set once more
a sinner's fate

for deep chasm
and void are placed
for what once was
is now erased

He has set mountain path
daylight clear
The Wise King's Realm
steps draw near

for from that past
distant shore to spurn
one must accept His Grace
Never to return...

(Art - Dallas Bromley - Distant shores of being)