On Savior's Knee

                                                      'On Savior's Knee'

                                                       As long as anyone can remember ,
                                                       no one has ever drowned on the bend
                                                       in the river known as Savior's Knee .

                                                      The currents and the eddys
                                                      in the river wash everything to shore .

                                                      The water one day pushed
                                                       a boat to shore .

                                                       Another day the water pushed
                                                       a cow to shore .

                                                      The waters push a bucket , a boot
                                                      and all sorts of things to shore .

                                                      Overlooking Savior's Knee is a hill
                                                      known as Father's Knoll .
                                                      Father's Knoll is the highest hill in the valley .

                                                     The name came from father's looking
                                                     for their children in the orchards
                                                     and the pecan groves of the valley .

                                                    When they could not find their children ,
                                                    they would go to the top of Father's Knoll
                                                   and watch .

                                                   Soon they would see where the children were
                                                   and meet them on the way home .

                                                  One day as we finished breakfast
                                                  my father walked to the door .
                                                  He turned and said ,
                                                  " I think I need to go atop Father's Knoll. "

                                                That was all he said as he threw on
                                                his coat and left .

                                                Hours later we would learn
                                                he did climb to the top of  Father's Knoll .
                                                He looked across the valley .
                                                He looked over the river .
                                                He looked on Savior's Knee .

                                               A boy was laying on the bank .
                                              My father told us he did not know
                                              how quickly he got to ' the Knee '.
                                              He hurried as he prayed he would
                                             get there and the boy would be safe .

                                             When he got to the boy ,
                                             he fell on his knees in the wet river sand .
                                             He saw the boy's chest breath .
                                             The boy was alive .
                                             He prayed and thought ,
                                             " What to do next . "

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This is the opening to  ' On Savior's Knee ' ...
The first in a series of children's books ,
This first book is finished and a second is in progress ...
Publishing inquiries are welcome ...
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