Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Default -

Default -
We have 'default' settings on our computer,
we have a 'default' start page,
we even have 'default' back-ups...
We also so have 'default' settings in our being.
All to often we 'default' to our natural self
and our 'default' selfishness.
We also 'default' to things we learned either
passive or aggressive,
things we learned by repetition or shock.
Those things that we say or do,
then realize the behavior came from a place,
with which we would have consciously disagreed.
A 'default' action like constantly telling our children
to turn off the lights, if you're not in the room.
Simply a 'default' action because your mother told you the same.
Sometimes this 'default' behavior
is reverting back to past responses
because we have not 'updated' our response.
We have not 'updated' our 'subscription' to the Word of God
and renewed our 'licensing agreement' with Heaven and the Holy Spirit.

So, If you find yourself in a 'default' action,
to which you did not subscribe,
it may not be your fault,
But you may change the action
by asking for an update from God
in your spirit,
and follow up by reading up in the Owner's Manual
unto the renewing of the 'licensing agreement'
in your mind...