Tuesday, December 25, 2012


There's something about hiking a ridgeline,
you walk here long enough
you learn a few things
for one
"There's no food up here,
save that which fills one's spirit..."

What you glean in the valley
is your offering on the mountain ...

Look across the vast landscape of Holy Scripture
and the horizon of life...

What do you see...

I walk in this mist
winds of the Holy Spirit
daily embrace
those who walked before

these winds who carry
decree forth blessing
A voice Holy
Awaking a nation...

I saw something today,
If you hike in the mountains long
you learn to shorten your steps
if you begin to tire,
the smaller the step
the easier the pace
and you can continue to the summit...
I once had someone going into missions
say to me,
"It always seems like baby steps..."

Yeah, But it is steps
and if you think you're the only one
who stumbles...
We all do
and I don't care how good you are
you're going to step in the 'mud'
or 'trip' some time...
You just keep hiking to your 'Destiny'

It is interesting how,
once you have 'lived' the experience
understanding it's dimensions
are altered to reality...
In other words,
once you step into your calling,
the realization is totally new,
beyond your previous conception...
If things are still going 'normal',
as you expected,
you have 'not' stepped fully into the Holy Spirit...
and when you see the Dawn or the Sunset,
it is directly related to where you are in the valley
or on the Mountain...

Where there is Life
There is Order
Even in the tracks of a deer...

( note: this work is in process )