Friday, May 18, 2012

' Hearing '

Walking out of the Church of His Presence on a March Sunday afternoon. 
We had been in Mobile , Alabama that weekend for the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival .
As we drove back to North Carolina I knew one thing for certain ,
the Lord Himself was leading us .

The next Sunday afternoon I drove up in the church parking lot
and to my surprise , it was empty .
I had missed the announcements that morning ,
So I thought , I really want His Presence in worship .
Then I remembered , that little church
My daughter had noticed only the day before .
I had said at the time , "I'd like to go there some time , that's Kilpatrick's people . "
I pulled into the church parking lot and read the sign , 6:30 pm .
They had just started .

I went in and they were in worship ,
His Presence was in the worship .
But , as the pastor began to speak , the Holy Ghost was so thick ,
as he said ( I still remember ) ,
" We need to be desperate for God ... "
I didn't even stop to think ,
I turned and said " Did you hear that ? "
And I heard the Holy One say , " You heard it , do you think I didn't ? "
I sat there in awe .

At the end of the meeting , I waited for everyone to say good -bye ,
talked to a few people while I waited , as I have done this many times before when speaking
or working with a pastor .
Once everyone left we talked for awhile , then as I was about to leave,
I noticed the table he had been leaning on , it was covered with John Kilpatrick CD's
I thought " My God what is this ? "
Then as I turned around , there was a Persecution.Com poster on the wall .
I thought this is impossible , Richard Wurmbrand , here too .
You see Pastor Wurmbrand is my ( for lack of any better word ) Hero .
I said for years , " The only Real Christian I have ever met was Richard Wurmbrand . "
That was Sunday night .

I went back to the church I had been attending that week but ,
I couldn't shake the little church .
So , by the next Wednesday I went back .
I looked around , same amount of people ,
around 20 maybe 25 at best.
Let me back track a minute ,
that first Sunday night I thought , " Not many people here , but I had learned a long time ago ,
as I have shared with pastors , if you want to know how big your church is : Look at Sunday night , not Sunday morning ,
Sunday night or maybe Wednesday night , that's your church . "
As I looked , before I could process the thought , The Holy Ghost spoke ,
" I stripped this one down , you know that one don't you . "
I simply nodded in agreement .
Then he said , " you might want to stick around ... "
Years ago the Lord had stripped our prison ministry down to my wife and I ,
after I had prayed , " What would it be like if only the pure of heart went ? "
Then He moved in His Presence as we had never seen before .
Both these times the Lord spoke in this church , it was like someone standing right beside me , He was .
stick with me there is an end and a point ...

A few weeks later , Pastor Kilpatrick was right across the border at Shekinah Church in Tennessee .
We went in and sat down and Pastor Kilpatrick came in , sat right in front of us .
Pastor started to share , the Power of God came on me like the day I was Saved .
The Spirit was so thick , as Pastor shared about a Church just up the mountains in Virginia .
How the mama's would pray in the hills , " Lord save our babies . "
How he came to understand the inventory of prayer an area can contain .
How when he spoke what he heard in the Spirit , the Power of God Fell on the place .

I went back to Boone , North Carolina .
I asked for prayer .
Here is Why , there are two graveyards on top of the mountain where I live .
They date back to the 1700's .
We know from the families that come to visit them , this small valley was settled by Moravian evangelist ,
who literally came with Danial Boone to evangelize the Appalachian Trail .
There are tombstones that tell the story of a Pastor and his wife , who were part of this same family ,
They pastor-ed here in the 1800's  for 55 years .
You can tell the decades by the inscription on the gravestones , as different words are carved ,
but the same faith , Jesus .
I wanted to know the inventory of prayer here .
They prayed for me .

I fasted and prayed , then went up the mountain .
I walked to the first graveyard and as I asked the Holy Spirit if he would answer me ,
at first there was silence .
Then as I walked He said , " They prayed during the 'Great War' , Please Lord , No more war through our valleys .
For the blood ran deep from Shenandoah to Shiloh . "
I understood this , it was about the Civil War in America .

I walked to the second graveyard about a hundred yards away .
I walked through , praying .
I thought that was it , as I started to leave , I noticed a tombstone .
The writing on it said , " From mothers arms to Jesus arms " ...

And the Holy Ghost took me to my knees .
" They don't understand in Heaven , Where all of these children are coming from ,
the babies . This mother helps me . They do not understand and I can't tell them .
America is in worst trouble than you know ... "

Since that day I have come to understand a few things .
That in heaven they totally trust God and are satisfied with His Mysteries .
That America must Repent and Repentance first begins at the House of God .
20 % 0f America goes to church on a regular basis ,
but the statistics in the church of America for divorce and abortion are the same as the rest of the country .
That means since Rowe  vs.  Wade there have been 54 million deaths by abortion ,
at 20 % , the church in America has killed by abortion over 11 million children .
That is the population of the state of Illinois or Ohio or the states of Michigan and New Mexico combined .
The Church !
But if judgement first begin at the House of God so must His Love ...

I have also come to see this :
Why did God use water to flood in the Days of Noah ?
As in the days of Noah ,
in Genesis 6 & 7 God makes reference three times to this :
Gen. 6 : 17 " which is the breath of life "
Gen. 7 : 15 " which is the breath of life "
Gen. 7 : 22 " was the spirit of the breath of life "
We all know this , when God says something in threes ,
He wants our attention .

What happens when you drown in water ?
You suffocate . Your " Breath of Life " is taken away .
God destroyed with water in the days of Noah because they had lost respect for the ' breath of life '
and lost the fear of He who gives that very breath .

I say all this because I honestly believe the message John Kilpatrick was given by the Holy Ghost on Repentance needs
to be proclaimed everywhere they go and that the Holy Ghost told him to do so .
(  Bay Revival - Video Archive - Friday AM service , Orlando , Florida
March , 9th  , 2012  )
America's days are short if we don't repent .
I also believe that this is not just the day of Revival ,
nor the day of another Awakening ,
But The Day of The Second Reformation ,
And The Bay is just the mustard seed .

And This Leviticus 5 : 1 in today's language says ,
" You are not only commanded not to lie ; BUT you are required to ' Proclaim the Truth ' . "

Blessed be His Holy Name , Jesus

Robin Quinn

May the ' Fire of God ' arrest you to ' Love your Enemy " .