Friday, April 27, 2012

Do I Have TIME ...

A man once asked ,
What if God gives me more to say
then I have TIME for...    ???

For has not the Lord your God spoken ,
I have created Time and Space ,
I have appointed a Time and Times
And Time and a Half 
of Man and the Universe .
There is an appointed time ...
There is an appointed HOUR ...

TODAY is the day of Salvation ...
The Appointed Hour is at the DOOR ...
For IF Judgement begin at the House of God ,

For in that HOUR , there are those who will seek to destroy you ,
But remember , Greater is HE that is in you ,
Than he that is in this world .
So Love your enemy ,
Pray for those who persecute you .
Remember this ,
In that day , they too shall bend the knee .

But listen ,
Do you hear ,
listen in the silence,
Do you hear in the wind ... ?
Someone is crying ,
" What must I do to be saved ? "

And who will tell them in this hour 
and the hour to come ?